Our flagship HospitalityTogether program is the alternative to traditional college that America deserves — a learning community that will empower disadvantaged youth with three forms of capital so they can become lifelong learners who live free from poverty and build sustainable careers:


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Financial income through employment & advancement

We place Learners at Philadelphia’s top restaurants & eateries with reputations for strong training and professional development, fair wage structures, and experienced management. We ensure they have a clear pathway to advancement, scheduling and setting clear income targets for each student. Employed and supported, they are not simply making minimum wage at a dead-end job. They join a carefully vetted program partner where leaders are invested in their continued success.

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Academic & career skills to become a lifelong learner

As students gain income and experience via placement, they forge a strong academic foundation by earning HT-branded Learning Certificates, which are created by our Credentialing Committee of top restauranteurs and influencers. Students take classes on edX, the world’s largest digital university, which offers college classes from hundreds of institutions worldwide. HT offers multiple levels of foundational and advanced certificates that are accepted throughout the industry.

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a network of mentors to help you succeed

To support them through every academic course as they earn HT Certificates, each Learner is assigned two Learning Advisors who act as personal tutors and support coaches. Learners check in with Advisors at least twice a week in-person and have daily access to the HT Study Lounge, our student hub in a communal setting. Professionally, every Learner is linked with a Hospitality Advocate, a mentor in the industry that they connect with weekly virtually and in-person at least once monthly. 

Every ordinary vocational program and college is one-directional: it inputs youth into a set of classes and then outputs them into the workforce. HT is different. We will support students within an ecosystem where they are able to advance their education and career in a seamless and continuous cycle of learning and mentorship.

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