To & Through College. Together

CollegeTogether's original Philly College Team program is the birthplace of all that we do. In PCT, we support first-generation students to and through graduation at the Community College of Philadelphia, the most popular post-secondary option in our nation's fifth largest city. Since 2016, PCT has served over 120 students at an astounding 81% retention rate, outpacing the community college norm nationwide. 98% of our students say they would recommend the program to a friend and 72% say that they would have dropped or failed out already without our help.

PCT has sparked a new generation of Philadelphia students who are choosing a different and more sustainable path through college: one that dismisses the blind race towards four-year institutions and instead leverages the democratic nature of community college as a catalyst to a future of greater opportunity. To learn more about PCT, scroll down and read profiles of featured students. And then learn about our linked pathway that supports students onboard PCT and through college -- with the belief that getting to college and succeeding there are part of one continuous process of support.