Meet the Credentialing Committee

Together, we are rethinking talent recruitment, education, and development.

Nicholas Elmi, Owner of Laurel

Nicholas Elmi, Owner of Laurel

We are building a board that we call the Credentialing Committee to change the way that hospitality as an industry identifies and develops talent. Students like you deserve more than just an opportunity; you deserve to be supported as an individual of high potential every day at work.

Our Credentialing Committee understands the realities of an incumbent college system that isn’t built for Learners like you. Many of them took on thousands of dollars of debt at traditional institutions -- only to realize that there is a better way. This committee includes some of Philadelphia’s top chefs and restauranteurs, who have the credibility to define new signals and standards for the marketplace.

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Each committee member commits their establishment and wider organization to hire and mentor Learners like you. Together, they are part of a citywide network that is fostering and supporting a new talent ecosystem for our city.

The committee, through HT, is setting new expectations for what it means to hire undervalued talent, to start and promote youth at certain wage levels, to mentor and guide students through workplace challenges, to help young people achieve educational goals while working, and to treat staff like family every single day. We are pushing change through action — and through the efforts and potential of people like you.

Ryan Davis, Regional Manager of the Spire Collection

Ryan Davis, Regional Manager of the Spire Collection


We are fortunate to have an incredible partner with Brandman University, a not-for-profit, fully accredited institution based in California and part of the historic Chapman system. With their MyPath platform, Brandman is pioneering a new approach to digital learning. Students like you can learn at your own pace through a “competency-based” learning format where mastery of content matters more than completion. With self-paced, affordable degree programs, MyPath changes the game. Combined with our proven support curriculum and mentoring ecosystem, we are confident that you will benefit greatly and be on the path to college success.

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