A Continuous Learning Ecosystem

As you advance at work, you will advance in your learning at the same time. This interplay of work & learning makes for a truly new educational experience.

In HospitalityTogether, you will continuously advance in your learning and career. Other workforce programs and traditional colleges are one-directional: they input you into a set of classes and then output you into the workforce, marking the end of that relationship. HospitalityTogether is different. We prepare you to become a lifelong learner and support you within an ecosystem where you will be able to advance your education and career through a cycle of learning and mentorship.

We do this by leveraging the hospitality industry, where there is hope along with opportunity. Job openings in hospitality, the second fastest growing industry in Philadelphia, have grown more than 13% from 2006 to 2016, with expected continued growth through 2024.


The HT experience commences with the first year of our program, Fundamentals, where you:

  • Get placed at a job & advance in wages and position;

  • Gain soft professional skills through personal mentorship;

  • Earn at least twelve foundational college credits.

First, you are placed at top restaurants with reputations for strong training & professional development, fair wage structures, and experienced management & leadership. Our Placement Partners are carefully vetted to ensure that you have a clear plan for career advancement and that leadership at each restaurant is committed to HT and your life.

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We have put together a Credentialing Committee of Philadelphia’s top restauranteurs and industry leaders, who represent a diverse range of industry career paths. Each member commits their establishment to endorse our new educational approach, as well as to hire and mentor students like yourself

While working, you will get on the path to earning a college degree. To redefine curriculum delivery, we have formed a groundbreaking alliance with Brandman University, a fully accredited, non-profit institution that is offering a new, innovative degree program called MyPath. With Brandman, you will be able to earn college credits in a self-paced, debt-free way that meets you where you are. Brandman provides the digital platform while HT acts as the support system and personalized educational experience.

At the end of Fundamentals, you will have gained three forms of invaluable capital: that of income paired with the dignity of a supportive job, that of invaluable soft skills and personal relationships through HT and work, and that of foundational college credits. After completing Fundamentals, you can reroute yourself strongly back into a traditional college, pursue a career in hospitality within the HT family, or continue learning, growing, and advancing in our educational and workforce ecosystem through the pursuit of a full degree with us.