Paris Wells

Paris Wells '18 with her father at high school graduation.

Paris Wells '18 with her father at high school graduation.

Paris Wells is a freshman at CCP majoring in Art and Design. She loves fashion and is going to be a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America with her own boutique.

Why did you choose CCP (and Philly College Team) as your college destination?

Paris: I chose CCP as my college destination because it was the best choice financially. The flexibility of options while choosing my classes gave me the opportunity to work full time while also being a full-time student without worrying about scheduling conflicts. Also, going to college in Philadelphia cut out the worrying about the great distance I was away from my family in terms of having emergencies. I joined the Philly College Team because they offer the most important aspect I believe is essential in becoming a successful well-rounded student: motivational support in every aspect of a college student’s life.

Others who are thinking about going to college should consider CCP because of the financial freedom the college offers in being very affordable and offering many different forms of aid in scholarships and other areas. The college also has many groups and activities on and off campus for students to participate in that are mostly low cost or even free. The Philly College Team helps with anything you can think a college student would need.

This program also puts students in connections with other like-minded scholars, helping you make friends and connections more easily than if you were on your own. The Philly College Team all around helps facilitate the most positive college experience possible.

What excites you the most about college and being part of PCT?

Paris: I look forward to trying new things and starting new relationships during my college years. Going to multiple colleges is going to expose me to not only different atmospheres but also people who think differently than myself. Being able to communicate with various people helps me become even more open to new ideas as well as cultivate new ideas for myself. I am excited to join the Philly College Team to not only better myself but also to help others gain connections and achieve their goals. Philly College Team is a great opportunity to not only expand my horizons and network but also to create relationships that may last a lifetime.

How has PCT helped you on your college journey so far?

Paris: The Philly College Team has helped me transfer from a college that I was not happy at into CCP. I have been connected to faculty here at the college who have helped me with picking classes that were best for my schedule and learning experience. I have gotten so much help navigating through CCP and transferring my classes from my previous college. The Philly College Team has connected me with students who have already given me advice on not only different aspects of CCP but also on ways to go about achieving my future career goals.