Myia Chambers

A Note from CollegeTogether CEO Oscar Wang: "We are deeply saddened and devastated to hear of the loss of Myia. As one of our original students, Myia was always a light in everybody's day. She was an encourager, an advocate, and a motivator to others. She was a stellar student who held clear and lofty ambitions -- and was a role model to other scholars and our staff. Myia always looked out for others; in her memory, we are honored to rename our PCT Lunch Locker program after her. As we built the Philly College Team model, we always thought of Myia. We will continue to think of her every day."


Myia Chambers is a first-year student in Philly College Team at CCP. A graduate of Central High School (279!), she aspires to become a veterinarian. Always full of energy and ambition, Myia has her sights set on college success!

Why did you choose CCP and Philly College Team as your college destination? Why should others do the same?

Myia: I chose Community College of Philadelphia as my college destination because I know what I want to do career-wise (become a veterinarian!) and I know what it is going to take for me to get there. Since CCP is willing to pay for my first two years of courses, I got on the bandwagon. The 50th Anniversary Scholarship is what really convinced me that this was the better choice especially since no other college was willing to give me any money. I was not able to get into my first choice, the University of Pennsylvania. Even if I had been accepted there, I feel that community college was the better choice for me money-wise.

I am very grateful to be part of Philly College Team (PCT) especially because of the help in getting through my beginning college years. If you are in a stressful time or just like to take advantage of help from people that only want to see you succeed, then they definitely should come to CCP and join PCT. If you really do not know what you want to do with your life and are feeling overwhelmed by college life, then this is the place to come. In the team, no one will judge you because everyone is just wants to get an education. You will save lots of money and probably get a better education than you would have at a big university--if you are willing to do all that is necessary to better your life. I certainly am.

What excites you the most about college and being part of Philly College Team?

Myia: What excites me most about college is getting to adapt to a new environment and getting to know varies types of people. There are always events going on around CCP, clubs being made, and new activities to sign up for on your free time. I like how we are able to schedule our classes to what fits us best. I am definitely looking forward to not having to wake up too early in the morning!

Just when you think you are about to go on cruise control, Philly College Team is there to keep you focused and updated on what you have to do so you can get out with your Associate’s Degree as fast as you want. At first, I was a little scared of being on my own at CCP. Yes, my father is here, but he really cannot understand what I am going through in college and know how to help me; this is what Philly College Team is helping me with.

They get me motivated and looking ahead to my next semester. They are connecting me with people who are showing me overall how my two years at Community College of Philadelphia are going to work out. I am excited to actually be able to take my biology classes and get closer to becoming a Veterinarian. To know that someone is there seeing all that I am going through and is willing to take time out of their own life to help me is more than just exciting. It gives me the confidence to know that what I am doing is the right path to my future and I just need to keep pushing.

How has Philly College Team helped you on your college journey so far? What have you enjoyed about working with us from high school until now?

Myia: Philly College Team and [Director of Mentoring] LaToya have done more than I would have asked anyone. Her joyful personality puts me in a mood of “I can do anything!” every time I see her and it just puts a smile on my face. It feels like there are too many students here sometimes that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed; in Philly College Team, I feel that I have mentors who take the time to truly talk to you one on one and care about you personally. I also appreciate that even though you are really supposed to go out and look for help when you need it, that my mentors seem to know the perfect times that you are almost at your worst to pick up your spirits.

They do not wait until you take your first exam to start talking to you about your next semester, they believe in you enough to know that you are going to be passing the semester and will be pushing you to the finish line. If you ask LaToya a question and she does not know the answer, she will definitely get right back to you as soon as she does. College is the time for one to get the most out of their life and enjoy their education. I know that Philly College Team is on my side the entire time.