Kerlin Guillaume

Kerlin Guillaume is a freshman at CCP who is majoring in liberal arts and hopes to focus on a career in chemistry. He’s also an artist who is in love with doughnuts.


Why did you choose CCP and Philly College Team as your college destination? Why should others do the same?

Kerlin: I had a couple of options for college like Penn State, LaSalle, and Temple. I wanted to go somewhere where I wouldn’t need to take out any loans first before transferring. I wanted to be financially smart and not in debt. 

I joined the Philly College Team because of advice from Ms. Madeline, my college advisor at Olney High School. PCT is a good choice, really. They give you a lot of support and you get what’s best for your education. I would recommend other people to join this team because you’ll get the right guidance on a lot of things and won’t get lost.

What excites you the most about college and being part of Philly College Team?

Kerlin: What excites me most [about CCP] is the different environment. It feels more open than high school and there’s a lot of exploring to do, which is something that appeals to me. You have a lot more freedom and you can set your time more wisely. The people you meet here are fun. They are really diverse and entertaining! 

The teachers are entertaining too. Professors have helped me a lot in their office hours and they are a reliable source for inspiration. My FYE (First Year Experience) professor makes me want to do better in school and has shown me a couple of career paths I might be interested in.

What excites about PCT is getting to work with Oscar and getting to know other students here at the college. I want to learn from other [team member’s] class experiences, which I will benefit from. I am also happy to be on a team where I can be with other students going through similar things as me. This makes me feel more prepared for school and life, period.

How has Philly College Team helped you on your college journey so far? What have you enjoyed about working with us from high school until now?

Kerlin: They check in with me a lot and keep me on track. I feel more confident now about the future because we have our eye on graduation and a lot of the same goals. We have meetings that all the students participate in. We talk about our plans and how we all feel about college. 

The team has taught us a lot of stuff that we would have had to find out on our own. At one meeting, we talked a bunch about how college classes work, how to turn in assignments, and how to talk to professors. I feel like this program is a reliable place for me to stay motivated and make sure that I pass my classes. Because of PCT, I feel ready for what’s to come.