Matthew Reid

Matthew Reid is engaged with a handful of activities in his environment, such as Philly College Team, the Center for Male Engagement (CME), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and Raising Interest in Stem Education (RISE). He has an interest in automotive engineering. Also, he speaks French fluently. In addition, he tries his best to aid people around him and his community.

Why did you choose CCP and Philly College Team as your college destination? Why should others do the same?

Matthew: I chose CCP for three reasons: the transfer agreements with local universities, the relatively low tuition rate, and awareness that it would be a great starting point for me. I also chose to join the Philly College Team because I noticed the program’s agenda focuses strictly on making sure that I stay in school and graduate. PCT is geared to assist students in building relationships and networks with other professionals, students, and faculty. In addition, since I am in Philly College Team, I have had the great opportunity to work with college graduates who have helped guide me towards my achievements.

What excites you the most about college and being part of Philly College Team?

Matthew: The best part of Philly College Team is that it has introduced me to a community of people with different majors and different stories. This community that I have built with Philly College Team will potentially last a lifetime.

What excites me the most about college overall is knowing that I have the freedom to make decisions that will advance my academic career. Also, college has prepared me to think strategically about opportunities that I could use to build my resume for landing a potential permanent job in my field. College is not just a place you attend on the first day and breeze right through it. We all make mistakes along the way to acquire some form of success. The great thing about making mistakes during college is that you are trained to learn from them to find other ways to succeed with the help of others, like my teammates in PCT. Based on the mistakes that I have made so far in college, I have also been able to make friends that have been very helpful to me. The different relationships and networks that I have built excite me. Most importantly, I will be the first in my immediate family to graduate from college, so being the first in my family to achieve such a goal has impacted me to inspire others to strive to complete their academic journey.

How has Philly College Team helped you on your college journey so far? What have you enjoyed about working with us from high school until now?

Matthew: I was part of this program in high school and it helped me with scholarships applications, financial aid, and much more. Also, I feel like Philly College Team has prepare me for the transition from high school into college. There was a point in time when I just decided to take part time classes. Fortunately enough, I was guided to enroll full-time as a student through the Philly College Team. I realize that it is crucial that I am enrolled as a full-time student so I can graduate on time.

In addition, my enrollment at CCP is being funded by financial aid. Financial aid is given to students for a limited amount of time to use in their undergraduate career. I am also working a part time job that takes up a lot of time. The team has played a huge role in making sure that my time is managed well so that I am kept ahead in my class. Every week, Oscar and LaToya hold peer meetings to make sure that all the students, who are a part of Philly College Team, keep up to date about their academic standings, financial aid help, and more.