Zhykia Scott

Zhykia Scott is a Healthcare Studies major at CCP and a recent AmeriCorps Alumna (City Year Seattle/King County). She is excited to pursue a career in pediatric nursing some day and to start the Nursing Program at CCP in the fall. Some of her hobbies include cultural dance, landscape photography, and writing poetry.

Why did you choose CCP and Philly College Team as your college destination? Why should others do the same?

Zhykia: I chose CCP because I want to take the most cost-effective route to pursuing my degree. As a prospective nurse, I knew that there were many different avenues I could take to become a Registered Nurse and to earn my bachelor's degree. But regardless of the route, CCP was the most affordable place to start my education. Also, coming off of a gap year, I knew that I had a strong preference to be in classes with people who also had taken time off from school or could relate to a non-traditional path to college; so knowing that many of the students at CCP are adult learners helped me to make my decision as well.

I know many students who are taking classes that they are not directly applicable to their degree or area of study. So students often graduate later than they originally planned and maybe even necessarily more in-debt than they planned. When I spoke to some of the coordinators of a program I was involved with in high school, they suggested that I reach out to Philly College Team and I did!

I think that anyone should consider CCP as a viable option. I think that CCP has a bad reputation because it is often compared to the highly funded private universities in the surrounding area. Yet, contrary to popular belief, CCP can offer an equally awesome education at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the classes you can take here, there are a plethora of organizations and communities to become involved with (especially at Main Campus) so that the many elements of “the college experience” are not lost. And the best part about it is that you can take all of those experiences, credits and saved money that you earn by attending CCP to your four-year dream school when you transfer. I definitely believe that for most people starting their education at CCP is a no brainer.

What excites you the most about college and being part of Philly College Team?

Zhykia: I am most excited about the access to resources that college provides. In college, you are able to utilize the relationships that you make with your peers and even professors to gain opportunities to further explore your different interests. Aside from networking opportunities, there are so many different organizations on campus that are free (well, sort of, since they’re included in the tuition) like the career center, on-campus credit union, free tax/legal services and more. Although as I mentioned some of the resources that the college offers are too finite to serve the large CCP community.

That’s what makes me most grateful for PCT, because I know that I can be at school without feeling like I'm "just a number." 

What excites me most about being a part of the Philly College Team is being able to connect with the other students in the program. I think that it can sometimes be difficult to make friends, especially at a commuter school because if you are not actively involved with other organizations (in which most people aren’t in their first year) and if you have declared a major then there could be a lack of diversity in interests amongst your friends from class. But being a part of Philly College Team, you get to meet people from different backgrounds and with different interests. I’m looking forward to working with PCT during the rest of my time at CCP!