A Continuous Support System

Personal academic tutors, professional mentors, and a network of advocates. All in a communal environment built for you.


As you advance at work in a supportive environment and enroll in edX courses to meet academic goals and earn HT certificates, you are supported by a family of caring mentors completely invested in your success. First, you are assigned two Learning Advisors, who are personal tutors that guide you through your college-level classes every step of the way. Second, you are paired with a Hospitality Advisor, an industry expert who acts as a professional guide who can help you navigate the intricacies of the workplace.

study lounge & learning advisors

The heart of your learning and support experience is in the HT Study Lounge, an open space that every Learner has daily access to. Study Lounge is all about creating a sense of community. We want to foster a place where you can feel belonging, value, and support.

After orientation and on-boarding, you visit the Lounge at least twice a week to check-in with your Learning Advisors and to focus on your academics. Through our Checkpoints curriculum, which is hosted on an online platform that allows for easy progress tracking, your and your advisors break down that week’s grades, returned assignments, upcoming homework, future exams, out of school needs, and any other academic or social needs. Our advisors create feedback loops with one another. If you, for example, require English essay support that very day, an advisor can instantly assign you to a colleague who specializes in writing. Consistency in check-ins and support ensures that we can build sustainable relationships with Learners like you as we better understand your academic strengths and personal needs over time. 

Advisors follow your progress on credentials and create communications channels with every placement partner. Our Credentialing Committee also connects regularly with Learners, partners, advisors, and advocates to ensure that we are offering an experience that is responsive to both industry and student needs.



Every week, you will also meet with your Hospitality Advisor. You will go over that week's recent work developments, analyze workplace dynamics, and comb through issues big and small at your placement. Your advisors will be regularly in-touch with leaders at your placement site. Advisors forge strong, enduring relationships with Learners like you so that nobody feels alone, especially in a fast-paced industry where there can be culture shock. At least three times a month, Hospitality Advisors and HT staff will also host communal meals and hold specific workshops on industry skills, targeted towards your peers who may need extra practice to advance at work throughout the year. We already have workshops planned in knife skills, the “secrets” of great table service, managing the floor, pouring wine, reading a profit/loss statement, and more.


In the Lounge, we tackle basic needs security, which is an essential function of serving the "whole student." Imagine that you are a Philadelphia high schooler: you have food, books, and transportation passes all taken care of. Then, after you exit the school system, you are suddenly on your own. No Learner in 2018 should be choosing between rent or tuition and lunch or bus fare. We have a moral obligation to ensure that no student goes hungry or gives up wages because they cannot get to their placement. This is we started the Marilou Allen Memorial Basic Needs Fund in Study Lounge. We provide you with at least three meals a week in Lounge, in addition to daily staff meals at your work site. We subsidize weekly Transpasses to those who need it, especially in your first two months on the job. In an overall sense, we care for the whole Learner. We care about you.